Sunday, April 26, 2009

5 Year Old

We now have a 5 year old son! It's strange to think that 5 years ago Ben was born. Here is a look back over the last 5 years with him.

He is a wonderful son. He is a great older brother to his siblings. He helps mom and dad out a lot with them. We are so glad to have him in our lives. It's been fun looking back at these pictures and others. It's fun to see him change and grow.

We Love You Ben!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Birthday Festivities

With Mike's birthday yesterday he decided that he wanted to go out for lunch and then go to the zoo. He also asked for a real carrot cake. So, that's basically what we did. I got the cake made before we left and then we went to Applebee's for lunch. We then left from there to go up to the zoo. I think we all had a great time. Some of the animals that we wanted to see were not out, but we got to see plenty of others. I think it was Brigit's first real time at the zoo and she seemed to enjoy it as well. If any of the animals got too close, she would start walking backward. We had fun as you can see from the pictures as well.

After we got home and had dinner we opened presents and had cake. The boys pretty much ate the frosting with some of the cake. :) The day turned out well.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Mike

I have seen others do something similar and I thought I would follow suit (I really liked the idea).

Tomarrow is Mike's 29th birthday. I am so glad that he was born. It's amazing how much you can love someone and how it can just continue to grow more and more everyday. We have a few things planned, but we'll let you know what happens afterward. Here are my 29 thoughts about Mike for this moment in time in no specific order.

1. He was born April 18, 1980.
2. He was born in Longview, Washington.
3. He left on his mission on Aug 3, 1999 to Peru.
4. He arrived home from his mission on Aug 3, 2001.
5. We were married Aug 3, 2002 in the Salt Lake Temple. Ben calls it "Our Temple."
6. August 3rd is a significant day for him and one he will always remember. :)
7. He loves to wrestle with his kids, and they love it too.
8. He is the oldest of 7 children. There are 4 boys and 3 girls.
9. Orson Scott Card is a favorite author of his.
10. He enjoys being a school counselor and working with the kids.
11. He will be the head counselor next year.
12. He likes Springville a lot (we may live here forever).
13. He is wonderful to talk to; such a wonderful listener.
14. I really miss him when we are apart.
15. He loves his family and they really do come first.
16. He has a testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
17. He is a worthy priesthood holder in our home.
18. He is sensitive to my and the kids needs.
19. He is very helpful around the house.
20. He is a wonderful husband!
21. He has lived in many different places.
22. He graduated from High School in Germany.
23. We met while we were both attending Weber State before both of our missions (back in 1998).
24. He loves to dance. During the first part of our dating that's what we did.
25. He loves music. I think this goes hand in hand with the dancing.
26. He helps me cook and he enjoys doing it too. :) I sure do appreciate it.
27. He is independent.
28. He helps me to be a better person and mother.
29. He is mine and I will love him forever!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Well Child Checks

Today we got to take in Jacob for his 2 month apt. and Brigit for her 18 month apt. I thought I would fill you in on their stats. Jacob is now 21.4 in long and 11.2 lbs. Brigit is now 28.9 in tall and weighs 22.2 lbs. It's amazing how fast they grow. They are both growing fine.

Mission Call

My brother got his mission call last night. We are so excited for him! He will be going to the Germany Munich/Austria Mission. He leaves July 1st.

I was trying to find a picture of his mission boundries, but I couldn't find one to put up. I did find this though and thought I would share.
View LDS Mission Maps
Here is a place that people have put in the boundries for a particular mission and you can add to it. At the top it tells you how to do it. Here are the instructions just in case you can't see/find it (It took me a little bit to figure it out:)):

To add your mission, click "Edit" above and use the shape tool that appears to draw the shape. Please set the title of the shape in the balloon that appears. Do not set the title in this left panel; this is the name of the entire collection of maps and should be left as "LDS Mission Maps"

So if anyone can/wants to help get these maps up, it might be nice for others. You can check it out either way. :)

We are excited for you Richard!!

Easter Time!!

Easter Weekend was fun and exciting. Mike had a Friday/Saturday track meet and I would be picking him up from his track meet on Sat. to head up to my parents house for the annual easter egg hunt.

We had a crazy morning making cupcakes for Easter dinner on Sunday, packing, making a trip to the store trying to leave as soon as possible. The cupcakes didn't work out, but we were able to leave by about 11:00 and picked up Mike at Orem high from the track meet. We then had to stop at a couple of stores on the way up, but we were able to make it up by 2:00.

Both my parents were laid up a bit. My dad had broken his leg the previous week while pruning. And my mom had been gone and did something to her knee that made it so she wasn't really up and around either.

The kids had a great time getting candy and seeing eachother. Us adults seemed to enjoy the visit as well. We then spent the night at my parents and went to church with them. We got home and got ready for our Easter Dinner.

It was a lot of fun to see the family. We hadn't seen most of them since Christmas. I've lost some weight since then and we've added a new addition. It was fun to show Jacob off and hopefully everyone that wanted to was able to hold him. He sure is growing fast. Here are a bunch of pictures of the event.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Impromtu Visit

We had an impromptu Johnson family get together last night. By surprise Mike's brother Matt came down from Wyoming. We ended up getting in the car at about 2:30 to get a chance to see him and his family. Here are some pictures of the event. I realized this morning that I didn't get any pictures of Leah, sorry. I'll get more the next time we see you guys.

Thanks Ann for helping Jacob during his fussy time. You did a great job!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

My Wonderful Husband

If you didn't already know this, let me just tell you of one of the reasons why this is true.

A couple nights ago my mother called to ask me if UI would like to go to the ballet with her, two of my sisters, my aunt and her daughter. I told her that I would talk to Mike and let her know. When Mike got home I presented him with the idea. He asked if I wanted to go, I told him that I would like to but I wasn't sure about being gone that long and leaving him alone would be the best idea.

He then tells me to just do it. We have pleant of milk in the freezer for Jacob and that he'll be fine. So, I called my mom back and told her that I would be coming. She said that they would be meeting for dinner before if I thought I could do that as well. I told her that I would let her know.

I talked to Mike about going to dinner too. He told me to just do it. If I was going to go to the ballet, I might as well go to dinner too. We figured out that I would have to leave at about 4:30 and I wouldn't be back until 11:00 or so.

As things worked out. I was able to feed Jacob right before I left and I took my pump with me, so I didn't die (or wish I could). :)

The ballet was Treasures of the Ballets Russes. It was a ballet with three different pieces. I especially loved the last one called Polovetsian Dances, but the ballet was very good in all three preformances.
I had a great time. Thank you mom for inviting me along. It was great to be together with those of us that were there.

THANK YOU MIKE!! He is a wonderful husband and father. I'm so glad that I have him and that he lets me do things that are crazy every once in awhile. Thanks again, I love you!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Answer Is....

So, are you all wondering if you were right or not with who is who in the pictures below??

Here are the answers. The top is Brigit, then Ben, then Jacob, and last is Charlie.

Now, I have a question for the family out there. Who has some red in their hair? There have been a couple of times now when the light catches his hair it sure looks like there could be some red in it. Let me know if you have any knowledge on the subject. Thanks.
Ain't no need to watch where I'm going, just need to know where I've been.