Monday, June 11, 2012


Ok, I just have to tell you about the latest cupcakes that I made. They turned out really good. I used a new yellow cake mix recipe (which I'll have to post later with pictures) and I added just a bit of mini chocolate chips. I then frosted them with chocolate frosting. Of course, I can't find my camera so I'm a little frustrated that way. I'm wondering if I left it at my mom's or if I just have too much of a mess here to find it. :)

I think I will be trying the yellow cake recipe again soon. My darling girl is wanting some pink cupcakes with pink frosting, just like Pinkalicious. What a good book that is! If you haven't read it, it's a good one to check out. :)

I also made some orange julius using fresh oranges rather than concentrate. It turned out really good as well. I used 4 oranges, about 1/3 cup milk, 1 tsp vanilla and 2 cups of ice. I should have added a little more ice to mine, but it still turned out really good. The recipes I looked up added sugar, but I have found that I don't need it added and my kids don't either. Sometimes, yes, but this time, it wasn't necessary.

Fun times in the kitchen!! I'm sure we'll have more fun times.....
Ain't no need to watch where I'm going, just need to know where I've been.