Saturday, October 31, 2009

New Recipes

I have been meaning to post these for a couple of days now. Since I got my bountiful basket full of produce, I have had to come up with different ways of useing a few things. With my Mexican Mix that I got I found a recipe for Chalupas that turned out to use a lot of what I had gotten. You use a green salsa which base would be tomatillos. It turned out to be quite a bit spicier than first intended. Very little is needed to feel it. :) You blend the salsa all together then cook it. You also heat corn tortillas and then you add a LITTLE salsa then sour cream, chicken pieces, and cheese on top. You can find the recipe here:

You blend the salsa all together then cook it. You also heat corn tortillas and then you add a LITTLE salsa then sour cream, chicken pieces, and cheese on top.

We also had some Bok Choy to use. I have heard of it, but never used it. So, I found a recipe that uses it as a stir-fry. I missed taking pictures of it, but here is the recipe if anyone wants to try it:

We ommitted the oyster sauce, because I don't have that on hand, but it still turned out really well. If you've never eaten Bok Choy, but you eat oriental food, then you probably have tried it and just didn't know it. While I was eating I recognized the flavor and taste. The leaves almost have a spinich look to them.

Anyway, It's been fun trying new recipes. We'll see if we come up with anything else this week.

Sorry, I can't get the links to work. I'll see if I can get them fixed.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bountiful Baskets

I just had a wonderful experience this morning. I have been hearing about Bountiful Baskets for a little while now, but there hasn't been a distribution point close enough to me for it to work out for me. For a basic overview: It is a produce co-op. So a bunch of people purchase into this so you get a better price (take out the middle man). So, for a first timer it is $18 for the basket. After you're first time it is $15/basket and there is a fee of $1.50 for handling. Besides just the basket you can add other items as well. Other items such as bread, pumpkin, box of apples, a Mexican mix. Each week is different, so you get online and order through the website.

The Springville site is new. Today was the second time that it's been here. I wasn't able to participate the first time, but I went today. So, I ordered just a regular basket and then added on the Mexican mix. The total price was $27. I also was able to go a little early to help them set the produce out. 50% is fruit and 50% vegetables. Here is a list and pictures of what I came home with. A pineapple, a bunch of bananas, a bunch of apples, a bunch of plums, 2 tomatoes, a bunch of broccoli, bock choy, 2 cucumbers, a bag of grapes, 2 heads of lettuce, 4 artichokes, and some sort of fruit that looks like a lemon only smaller...not sure exactly what it is and a bunch of them. In the Mexican mix I got 3 avocados, 3 different types of peppers, corn tortillas, cilantro, green onion, yellow onion, and tomatillos.

Mexican Mix and a tomato

Anyway, I was very happy with what I came home with. Now if I can learn to use it all and eat it before it goes bad, I think I got a great deal.

You can find more about it at

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Feeling Accomplished

WOW, what a day we have had today. We decided it was time to take care of some things outside today. I forgot to take pictures today of what it looked like before, but I did take plenty of during and after clean-up. I will see if I can find an older one of the outside. We worked on the "Devil's Strip" getting it cleared out and then we put some carpet down and are now in the process of getting rocks to cover the area. If anyone has some rocks that they want to get rid of, let us know. :)

We also took out all the bushes that were in front of the house. We are thinking that we will put rose bushes around the house to cover up the ugly cement.

It's fun to do something and really see the results of the work. We may be feeling it more in our bodies tomorrow, but for now, it just plain feels good. :)

I couldn't find a picture before with the bushes out front, but just imagine them way to big for the space and wanting to climb over the porch. That should give you an idea.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Welcome Home Niels!!

This past week Mike's brother came home from his mission. We weren't able to go up the day he came home, but this weekend we got to see him and spend time with those that are around. We also got to go to a baby blessing for our newest nephew Oliver. I waited to post, so I could add pictures. Of course, I really didn't take enough, but here are a few.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Conference Weekend

I just wanted to say that I loved Conference. I always look forward to hearing from the leaders of the church. I am so glad that we live in an age and time where anyone who wants to can hear/participate in it. What an amazing time we live in. I am glad for guidance in this truly interesting time in which we live. I am grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ that helps me as I go about my activities and helps me become a better me. I am grateful for Temples and the excitement that I feel in hearing about new Temples that are going up around the world. What a blessing it will be to those that will now have a temple close to them. I am also very grateful for a wonderful family. My husband is wonderful and helps me in so many ways. At the close of this conference session, I succumb to a physical illness and I was grateful to have an extra pair of hands as I do the things that I need to. I am also very grateful for my children. They do provide a lot of joy to me. Since being sick myself and others having been sick this weekend, Ben stayed home from school. As Brigit decided it was time to take her nap; Ben has a bunch of books next to Brigit on her bed as he reads to her and Charlie. They are great and recognize some things that I never would have thought possible.

Life is wonderful and I am grateful to be a part of it at this time. My family is forever and I am excited to share forever with them.
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