Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Haircut Time!

For mom that is. It had gotten to the point that I needed to get a haircut. Everyone out that that has seen my hair in the past bit would agree with me as well, I'm sure. Anyway, I had my kids take a picture of me before and one after I had my haircut. Here are the pictures of the event:

Here is the pic of before.

Here is one of after.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Other Pictures

Here are some other pictures that I found on our camera. I have been terrible these last couple of years and I haven't gotten pictures of us or the kids in our costumes. I know that just screams TERRIBLE MOM, but oh well. It's done now.

I did take pictures of some cupcakes I made and I really had a good time making them.

I decided to try a black and orange swirl...Strange thing...most didn't want to eat the cupcakes with black frosting.

These are some that I made for a cake walk. They are chocolate cake and orange frosting with chocolate sprinkles. I had dreamed about them and decided that they would be great. The payoff came when my husband walks in from work while I'm frosting them and tells me how great they looked. Later he told me that they tasted good too, so it worked out.

There is a pumpkin patch that has a maze and some fun things to do for kids and here are some pictures of when we went to get pumpkins.

My little 4 year old.

I know have a 4 yr old little girl. As I was writing the other day I realized that I haven't posted anything about her big day. It's hard to believe that my 3rd child is 4. Time moves WAAAY too fast.

She has always been a happy little girl and I am so glad that she came to my family. I am so lucky, actually the whole family is lucky to have her in our lives. Here are some pictures of the big day.

She wanted sandwiches for dinner, so we made some on ciabatta bread that we had gotten at bountiful baskets the week previously. This is her at the table.

This is part of her cake. She said that she wanted a cake with flowers and a butterfly, I didn't get a good picture of the butterfly, but these are some of the flowers.

Here we are singing before she blows out her candles. The blowing out didn't go the greatest, but she figured it out by the 4th one. :)

This is a picture of a scarf that she got from her grandma. After opening a bunch of her presents she said, "It's just what I wanted!" Some things I really didn't know that she wanted, but it worked out anyway.

Here is a picture that we took of all the kids at the end of the day. They sure all have their very own personalities.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The difference a day makes...

So for those that follow this blog know that we have been trying to sell our house for quite awhile. We finally got an offer in Aug. and as we have worked with our buyers, for one reason or another we haven't heard from them in the last few days. We don't know why, and I'm trying to be nice about it all, but it's very frustrating to know that they have pretty much stopped contact. Now, that all could change in a moments notice when/if their funding situation works out. We just haven't heard anything, so we have decided to re-list our house on the MLS.

Today has been a great day for us by way of calming emotions and re-focusing on what's important. With it being the first Sunday of the month and Fast Sunday, we took the time to really focus on the house situation and see where we were at the end of the day. We both felt like the testimonies born and lessons were for us. I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father. I don't know what the future is for us right now. We will hopefully hear tomorrow what the status is on the house that we have built. As far as the other stuff, we will ride it out and see where we end up. The next biggest thing that we need to figure out is where to attend church. About a month ago, thinking we would be moving in the next couple of weeks, we transfered our records over to the new ward so we could start participating there. For whatever reason, our records are still there and we are here, so we are thinking that maybe we need to move them back. We're not sure and we will be spending the week figuring that part out. If I had to choose right now, I think I might choose to move them back, but we'll see how I feel as the week moves on...

Thank you so much to those that have been supporting us through this VERY LONG trial of ours. I hope and pray that at the end of it all we will all have our faith strengthened and we can all grow and learn something from this. :)
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