Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I'm SLOW!!

Here I am, thinking that I need to get back into blogging. I'm going to try to be better. We'll see how long it goes....hopefully longer than the last phase.

We were able to invite people over a couple of weeks ago to celebrate our house with them. This process has been a LONG one as you all know and we are so glad to be here at this point. Thank you all for your support.

I really haven't taken many pictures...I've been slacking there as well. We've pretty much unpacked the boxes, but we still have a lot of organizing/decorating to do. So, I still have a bunch of boxes to empty in that reguard.

I've gotten involved in pintrest and I seem to spend plenty of time there looking at ideas and pinning things that I slack in other areas. We're working on getting chore charts up and ready to go for the kids. We really need the revamping and scheduling that they can provide. I think we're going to start using this chart found here:

If there are a few of you out there looking for something here is another site I found that lits a bunch of ideas:

While looking at chore charts for the kids...I thought I should come up with something for me. I found this blog that has a TON of ideas and a challenge that I think can help me out too.

So, this is basically what I have been up to and working on at this point. I'm hoping to get everything implemented by next week (if not today :)).

I'm here, just busy trying to organize my life and feel like we can settle into a good schedule. :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Best Day Ever

That's what my oldest said the morning that we told him we were moving. It really did happen and we really are in our new home and trying to unpack and put things back together.

In some ways it still doesn't seem real (granted it only happened yesterday), but I do LOVE my house and the change that it has provided. As you can see, our internet is up and our phone number is now working!! YEAH!!

Now it's time to organize and unpack. We will be having an Open House Celebration in a week or so. There have been so many people involved in this that we would like you all to be able to Celebrate with us as well.

Again...Thank you all for your support through this. We are forever grateful!
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