Sunday, August 19, 2012

Depressed? Maybe, Maybe not..

So, I think I've been going through a couple of days that I've just been feeling down and not myself and not sure if I wanted to NOT feel depressed. So, as down as I have been feeling, I sure got something else to think about today.

How familiar are you with Well, I have made a couple of purchases on there and I have fun looking around and filling up a cart with my dreaming. So, I had been playing in my cart a couple of days ago and had the site up on the computer. Well...

This afternoon before dinner my 3 yr old and my almost 2 yr old had been looking at a video on zulily. I left them watching it multiple times... A short time later, the 2 of them left to go do something else and I looked at the computer screen. It said "Thank You". I really didn't think anything of it until after dinner and I asked my hubby to see what the screen was saying "Thank You" for. Why would a screen say "Thank You" anyway? We sure found out why. There had been a purchase made... It turns out to be a $450. purchase. Oh man was I sure dreaming in that cart. He actually added something in there as well.

As soon as we figured out what had happened, I sent them an email. I'm sure hoping we can get the order cancelled, we'll probably know tomorrow. If that doesn't work, I may list some items on here that I would like to sale. :)

So, if I was feeling bad before, this sure snapped all the self-pity out of me. I'm laughing and crying over the incident (not really much of either one, it's more shock than anything else).

You can now add this to your own lists of things that have never happened to you and things you don't EVER want to have happen to you. :)

So, enjoy that and I'll post soon with the update...

This is what sucked him in. He ended up putting 6 of them in the cart as well before making the purchase. Also to give credit where due, I saved the image from the zulily website.

ETA: What a wonderful thing... They canceled the order no problems!! I'll keep ordering from them. :)

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