Tuesday, November 27, 2012


So, I have been thinking a lot about talents lately. I always struggle to know what/if I have any and how I can be better.

I suffer from some feelings of inadequacy (I'm sure it's just like everyone else that feels that way at some point or another). So, to make matters worse, I start doing the comparisons and mental lists of all the things I can/should do better. They are long lists which is why it doesn't help. :)

So, in order to really get myself out of this crazy rut, I've got to improve something someway, somehow. Random question with all of this... If you *think* you have a talent/nack for doing something, but someone can do it better than you does that make it so it's not a talent of your own anymore? I find that I might think I can do some thing, but realize that there are others that can and do it better than I can so how can I add that to my list?

Anyway, fun ramblings here....

So, I am looking to better myself one day at a time. If you would like to join me on this crazy journey, feel free to check back, if not, don't. :)

My first may actually be by writing more on the blog, which I'm hoping will come with the other things as well. I'm not good at making dinner. My husband is wonderful and does so much to help with dinner, to the point sometimes that I feel guilty about not doing more. So, tonight, my plan is to do it ALL. We'll see how it goes and I plan to report back as to how it happens.

Welcome to Finding my Talents...if I am working on one that is one of yours, are there secrets to the trade? Please share...

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